Ideas for newly acquired Village property

 For many years the old Shipway garage area on Genesee St has not been on the tax role being owned by the Town of Cherry Valley. I approached the Town Supervisor and asked that they turn it over to the Village so we could develop it more and make it look nicer. They agreed and sold it to us for $1.00. Redpoint builders a neighbor agreed to fix up that side of the building to make it presentable and we will install solar street light making it a better place for long term parking. Also by buying the property behind their building they would have a place to park their trailers freeing up space alongside the building. This will also open up the uptown Village lot near the bank for daytime commercial use. (Yes, we do believe after covid goes to rest that things will be reshaped and move forward in the Village.) The sale will have to go out to bid. This being said there is a nice chunk to develop solar or have a community garden or any other idea that may be presented to the Village. Solar would help offset electric costs for the Village which we are all about staying within our budget and saving money. 

 See map:


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