Solar power (Boondogle?)

 Our New York State Governor is pushing for all green power by 2040. Great ambitions. We are seeing solar arrays going up everywhere. I don't know about you but in Cherry Valley we get some beautiful days in the summer that I know would produce great power in a day. The sad fact is 180 days of (average) sunshine in Cherry Valley gets in a year and the cost of a 2.7 Kwh solar array is a wash in a 25 year span. The out of pocket expense (approx. $8200.00) doesn't even cover the 6% electric return you would get in the 25 year lifespan of the panels. At that point you have to replace them and find a place to get rid of the useless trash. The only true way to do solar is to purchase your own panels and put them up yourself. You can get twice the output of electric for the same out of pocket expense. We are looking in to that and some wind power. Usually around here when the sun is not shining, the wind is blowing.


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