Going into 3rd year

Going into our third year I would like to let people know of things we have accomplished.
1) We now have all of the Village bookkeeping on computer.
2) We have started transition over to radio read water meters for an accurate reading of water usage that can be put on computer for billing.
3) We changed our street lighting to LED and have dropped our budgeted outdoor lighting costs from close to $18,000 a year to budgeting $12,500 for 2019.
4) We changed all of our shop lighting over to LED for $160.00 which shows more than a 15% savings annually.
5) We added Electric Vehicle chargers (for about $2400.00) installed near our park that are on state and federal maps for anyone with an electric car to use free of charge. (why free? It would cost more for credit card hookups then for the penny's paid to charge a car)
6) All energy savings above was part of acquiring a $5000.00 NYSERDA grant to be used any way we want.
7) Worked hand in hand with the Outdoor Games to develop the Village park into an incredible annual show every fathers day weekend.
8) Working with the Outdoor Games and Spectrum has given us free WiFi at the Village park. Spectrum has also agreed to place Access Point units on multiple buildings throughout the Village to give more people access to free WiFi starting this summer.
9) Fixed the bridge to the park and paved 2/3rds of the path with grant money received. Will be trying to finish it this year.
10) Working with the CVCFC toward getting the senior center developed. The Outdoor Games will be building a bridge which will help allow seniors and others to cross the creek and use the facilities to exercise.
11) We looked into Solar power for our well house. We cannot get state and federal credits that a typical household can get, so at this point it is not the best investment. We are still looking into alternative power.
12) For the past two years we have stayed within our budget. This and all of the energy saving strategies implemented allow us NOT TO RAISE TAXES going forward into the 2019 tax year.
13) We adopted to work with the Mohawk Valley Land Bank to acquire some of the foreclosed houses in disrepair. This would allow them to fix and get them back on the tax role. Two of the six houses have been purchased by individuals and are currently being renovated.
14) Our new Attorney Hyde Clarke has been working with the Land Bank to rid our Village of the burned house on Lancaster St. He is very close to finishing the process that will get it cleaned up with no cost to us the taxpayers.  


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