Red Cross needs help for Hurricane Florence efforts

Support Hurricane Florence Recovery Efforts 

At NYCOM's Executive Committee meeting last week, a resolution was unanimously passed urging our members to engage their communities in support of the recovery efforts post-Florence. The best way to support the Florence response is through financial donations.  Please encourage your residents to donate to the Red Cross or another organization of their choice. Donations to the Red Cross can be made online at or by calling 1-800-Red-Cross (733-2767).

The Red Cross and most other organizations are only accepting financial donations and not donations of items like clothing or bottles of water.  Please discourage your local residents from dropping off items like used clothing unless they have a commitment from that organization to accept them.

Thousands of blood drives have been canceled throughout the Southeast so the need for blood donations is large.  Cities and villages could assist in this regard by scheduling a blood drive and encouraging local residents to donate blood.  You can set up a blood drive at or at 1-800-Red-Cross.


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