Burned house 8 Lancaster

  We are still working with the Land Bank to get rid of the house on Lancaster. Our legal council has made contact with the county attorney and department of taxation & finance and they will be trying to contact the daughter who would be in line to inherit the property to get the family to relinquish ownership to the Land Bank who would clean it up. Anyone who may have any pull with the family may want to ask them to help out. If they do not agree, it may go full term of 3 years to go up for taxes. We are just trying to expedite that time frame.
 FYI: We have been in contact with the NYS D.E.C., NYS Department of Health,
Senator Seward, Otsego County, Department of Labor in charge of asbestos abatement who actually said they would wave dumping fees but it would still cost taxpayers more then $20,000 dollars to clean up property that we are legally not allowed to trespass on and then revert back to anyone that steps forward in the family to claim it. Wow! What a bunch of crap!


  1. Greetings.

    Due process and property rights are not "a bunch of crap." We as citizens are and need to be protected from our government from spending tax payers dollars to benefit one person, protected from our government from trespassing on our land, protected from our government taking our property.

    As I have been saying since the beginning of this issue, there is a legal way to do this and it must be followed. If the legal advice I provided to the village board had been followed the "bunch of crap" would have been avoided and cleanup completed by now, and while still at tax payers’ expense, at reduced cost.

    Asbestos abatement is required. It is a requirement established for the protection of the health and well-being of the community.

    If this cleanup is an issue, commence an action in Surrogate's Court, asking that the County Treasurer be appointed the administrator of the estate, serve the administrator with the "dangerous building" notice, and follow the terms of the ordinance/local law. The Village cannot do anything until there is a valid owner of the parcel, and just because the daughter may be next in line to inherit means nothing without an estate being created. The daughter cannot just sign off on / convey the parcel without having title ownership, again obtained by authority from Surrogate's Court and through the creation of an estate.

    To deem all of this a "bunch of crap" by the Mayor whose obligation it is to know and uphold the laws of the community he was elected to serve is scary.

    Dennis B. Laughlin

    1. You did not read it correctly. The bunch of crap is dealing with DEC, Dep of Labor and all the other entities we dealt with to get absolutely nowhere. Our current lawyer has made much headway contacting a member of the family while making contact with the county attorney to get the property in the hands of the land bank at no cost to the Village. As soon as this process is complete, (soon) the land bank will clean up the mess. We are not spending tax dollars for clean up. This will benefit all who have look at it, live near it, walk by it and smell it. So if I am scary for continuing to try to find ways of cleaning up our downtown area, so be it


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