Walmart Trucks

Former Trustee Ed Harvey noticed a Walmart truck passing through the Village. He brought it to my attention that Rt 166 is restricted for all Walmart carriers since 1995. We have seen more then 30 trucks in the last few weeks. The General Manager of the Walmart distribution Sharon was notified 3/25/18 and has been working to let drivers know this is a restricted route. The Otsego County Sheriff's department has also been notified and is going to get in contact with State DOT. If you see one, please call the Village office and let us know with a date, time and trailer number on the back if you can. Thank you. 264-3791


  1. I live in Alden Street, and have absolutely NO problem with the Wal-Mart trucks going through. They've gone through ever since the distribution center opened. Asking people to report them makes no sense. It's a public road without restrictions.


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