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Clear the air

There are rumors going around about the Village wanting to put farmers out of business. Not true. There was a span of 6 days that I received many complaints about foul smelling air and what can we do about it? Being told by many locals that whey was being delivered and spread with cow manure, I made a call to the company and asked it that was the cause of the aroma we all experienced. They did say it was like sour milk after two days. A local farmer made a visit to me and said I needed to come to the farm and he would explain. We did make the trip. The smell comes from a million gallon holding tank that when stirred up with old (crap) on the bottom becomes horribly aromatic. This is then spread on fields when it is suppose to rain within 24 to 48 hours. Unfortunately the rains did not come, the smells cooked our nostrils and the mixture killed the fields it was spread on losing thousands for the farmer. Hopefully the many other times it has done and said to have produced 4 times what …

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